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A powerful and candid guide to creating a marriage that is pleasing to God, and gratifying for you!

What's inside? 
You will learn how to successfully navigate the journey of marriage while regaining or maintaining control of your emotions.  

With the use of self-reflective questions, you will learn how to apply ALL strategies shared to your marriage.  

You will learn how to transform your mindset to achieve a marriage that is aligned with God's intention and not your perception. 
The workbook is included!
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This book is for you if: 
- You want to be married
- You want to become a better wife
- You want to know how to create a thriving marriage
- You want to know HOW you can repair or strengthen your marriage
- You want to do the work even if your husband is not open to doing the work at this time
- Are divorced and considering to remarry
- Are open-minded and ready to try something different 
What others are saying... 
“I love Kelley's ability to come through as completely transparent!”
- Jessica Williams 
"I have read many books to help me in my marriage, but none compare to this one!"

- Emily Archie  
"This book is definitely a how-to guide to maintain and sustain a godly marriage!"

 - Lady Sheila Noland 
(Married 9 years)
(Remarried - 3 Years
(Married 34 years)
Who am I? 
I'm Kelley,
Your Certified Life Coach to guide you through your journey of marriage. I have been married for thirteen years to my college sweetheart. We faced challenges that made us question if our marriage would survive. Instead of pointing the finger at my husband, I chose to focus on myself. I became intentional about becoming a better wife.

Shifting my mindset and perspective about marriage and my role as a wife, was a key factor to my growth. Creating a marriage that was pleasing to God, but yet gratifying to me, took discipline, understanding and work.

I know what it is like to be in a marriage and wanting more but not sure how to achieve it.
I know what it is like to reach out to others for marital guidance and they are not able to provide practical steps on where to start or what to do.

But after shifting my mindset, I now know what steps are needed to create a thriving marriage. It is now my turn to teach you those steps!

Are you ready to find out HOW you can strengthen your marriage? 
Stephanie (Kelly) Lewis
LPCC-S, Divorcee 
"This book is an easy read. 

It feels like a conversation with a girlfriend about the things we don’t say about our marriages over coffee or wine. Instead we try to sift through those things alone in our war rooms, without a clue as to our role nor our power. 

Kelley gives us a space to acknowledge the truth about our ignorance of marriage and it’s needs. She gives us permission to be honest and gracious in love, to take responsibility and accountability in our partnership with our spouse, and most importantly with God. 

She shows us how to unlock our power in our marriage that God bestowed upon us."
Orlando, Florida - Married 16 years
"This is a soul stirring read! 

The author pushed me to think about hard questions. Sometimes I didn’t want to answer the self-reflective questions because the answers made me look bad. I didn’t want to write those answers. But those were the questions that needed answers so that I could see problem areas and see where adjustments need to be made in my marriage. 

Every Christian wife and soon-to-be wife will find God’s Marriage or My Marriage a template on what to look for in a God-centered marriage."
Jessica Williams 
Married 9 years
"This book reminded me that my husband and I are on the same team. That we want the same goal, and we should work together as one, like the good Lord intended. Thank you Mrs. Bell for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and heart in this book. I will refer to it for many years to come!"
You’re just one step away from learning what YOU can control in your marriage! 
Frequently Asked Questions:
2. If I am in an abusive relationship, will this book help me? 
If you are in any form of an abusive relationship, we recommend you first seeking assistance and/or shelter to ensure your safety.
Our tips and strategies will help women build a more intimate relationship with God, but we recommend these strategies be applied in a safe environment.
3. What topics will be covered in this book? 
  •  How to apply God's view of marriage to your marriage.
  •  How your perception affects your views on marriage.
  •  The keys to a successful marriage.
  •  How to create effective communication with your spouse.
  •  How to apply faith in your marriage.
  • The importance of sex in your marriage.
  • The importance of not losing yourself in your marriage. 
4. Will this book guarantee that my marriage will be successful? 
5. How long will it take to see results after applying these strategies? 
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the success of your marriage. What we can guarantee, is that if you go through this process, wholeheartedly completing all tasks, and doing the work, you will see a transformation in yourself as a wife. Successful application of the strategies mentioned in this book, will aid in the success of your marriage. 
Applying these strategies in your marriage is truly a process. Your marriage did not get in the state it is overnight. This process begins with changing your mindset on different areas in your marriage. The order of the chapters are systematically placed as a guide through this journey. Results are based on your willingness to accept and acknowledge your needed areas of growth. It can move as quickly or as slowly as you need it to.
1. Am I able to see a sample of the book before purchasing? 
FREE samples of the book are available! 
Join a community of like minded women just like you!
Allow me to teach you HOW to create the thriving marriage God intended. 
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